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Legal Notice

1. Purpose of the website

These general conditions of use of the services offered on the URL and (hereinafter, website), are signed by the BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA, (hereinafter, BNE), and by the USER.

The BNE is the owner of said URL, its address being Paseo de Recoletos, no. 20-22, 28071-Madrid; its Tax identification Code (C.I.F.) being Q2828005E; Telephone number: 91 580 78 00; and e-mail:

The BNE, is a self-governing body belonging to the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport, the main activity of which is to gather, catalogue and conserve bibliographic assets.

The BNE disseminates this bibliographic heritage through its catalogue and the Spanish Bibliography and provides a variety of services to the public, including reference rooms and remote services through its web page, specialised bibliographic information and interlibrary loan services. Information on the collections, the organisation and the history of the Biblioteca Nacional is made available through the Library Museum. And it also undertakes a cultural events programme.

The BNE offers USERS access to and use of its services and contents by providing them with information and data (hereinafter, Contents) through its website. Said Contents can be supplied either by the BNE or by third party individuals and/or companies.

Access to the BNE is free of charge, nevertheless some services incur a cost, and these are governed by particular conditions established on the web page. Likewise, to access specific data on website forms users must register, thus making certain services only available to registered users.

USERS accessing the  BNE website understand and accept the general conditions herein of each of the versions of the website, and the modifications made to these. It is the users' responsibility to periodically access and read said conditions.

2. Website access

Access to the BNE website by USERS  does not imply any obligation or guarantee from the BNE.

In order to access the website, the USER must have access to the internet, pay the corresponding access and connection fees and have the necessary computer hardware and systems to connect, including a terminal suitable for these purposes (computer, telephone, etc.) and a modem or other similar access device. At no time will the BNE be held responsible for the correct operation of these devices or equipment, nor for the rights of use or licences required to use them.

In order to correctly access and use certain contents and services on the Portal, it may be necessary to download certain computer programmes or logic elements onto the USER's computer. The USER will be liable for said installation; the BNE shall not be held responsible in any way for liabilities deriving from this.

The BNE reserves the right to suspend and cancel access, and  to amend, limit or cancel all or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the website. Advance warning of said changes will be announced ion the webstie. The BNE will not be responsible for the quality and speed of access to its website, and it will not be held liable for any compensation to users for damages in this respect.

The service rendered by the BNE through its website is for an indefinite period and it may cease to render this service at any time for no justified cause or reason and without prior warning.

The BNE will not be held responsible for any anomaly, malfunction, deterioration, deletion of data or software that may occur on users' equipment or systems, which may be directly or indirectly due to accessing or trying to access its website.


3. Website contents

The language used by the BNE on its website will be Spanish, together with others on the website (English, Catalan, Euskera, Portuguese and French), notwithstanding the free use of other languages, both national and regional, with no prior warning. The BNE will not be held responsible for the user's inability to understand the language used on its website or for the consequences of this.

The BNE may modify the contents with no prior warning, and it may likewise eliminate or modify the website contents without incurring any liability for the consequences to users.

This website in its entirety: text, images, trademarks, graphics, logotypes, buttons, software files, colour combinations, together with the structure, selection, layout and presentation of its contents, is protected by intellectual and industrial property laws.

Hence, all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website and its contents belong to the BNE and, as applicable, to third parties. Any use of the website or its contents will be exclusively of a private nature. Any other use involving copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action of all or part of the contents of the web page, as well as the page itself, is the exclusive right of the BNE, and no user may carry out these actions without prior authorisation in writing from the BNE or the third party owning the intellectual or industrial property rights.

It is prohibited to use the contents, wholly or in part, to promote, sell, hire or disseminate advertising or own or third-party information without authorisation from the BNE, nor may the services or information provided be used for sending advertising or information, irrespective of whether the use of these is free of charge or not.

No use may be made of the brand or trade names or any identifying symbol which is subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, without prior, express authorisation in writing from its owner.

The links or hyperlinks which include addresses to this website may not display, either directly or indirectly, false, inexact or confusing information. Said links may only give access to the pages and may not copy or reproduce, either wholly or in part, said pages, nor may they engage in unfair or illicit actions against the BNE, or make any statement or carry out any action that could misguide or confuse the person accessing the website through the hyperlink. Hyperlinks to the website can only be included if they provide access exclusively to the home page. Likewise, it is prohibited to reproduce the BNE website (frames), or the hyperlinks therein, wholly or in part, on another website.

It is prohibited to carry out any action that impedes or hinders users' access to the website and to hyperlinks to third-party services or contents offered on the website, and specifically, the use of the BNE as a metatag, or for it to be used, in any way, to attract users to websites other than this one, or to hinder or dissuade its usage.

The BNE will not be held responsible for the reliability or speed of hyperlinks to other websites included on its website. The BNE does not guarantee the usefulness of its website as regards its links to other websites, nor will it be held responsible for the contents or services users may access through these links, nor the correct operation of said links.

The BNE will not be held responsible for the actions of viruses or other computer programmes that damage or may damage users' computer systems or equipment when accessing its website or other websites which may have been accessed through links on the BNE website.

4. Website users

Users accessing the BNE website may do so in compliance with the law, moral ethics, good practice and public order, and undertake to never access the website or its contents in breach of these conditions and/or for unlawful reasons that encroach on third-party rights and freedoms or which may damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the website to the detriment of the BNE or third-party users. Users shall not copy, distribute, disseminate, transform, modify or manipulate the contents.

On its website, the BNE provides users with services enabling them to enter any type of content or information, such as news groups, forums, chatrooms, personal websites or other similar content, together with an e-mail service through which users may contact the BNE. Users undertake to use the aforementioned services pursuant to the law, uses, practices and public order. When using products or services in  which they contribute information or contents, users may not undermine fundamental public rights or liberties, nor may they incite or promote demonstrations or criminal, xenophobic, terrorist or degrading acts for reasons of gender, race, religion or beliefs, nor shall they disseminate pornographic contents or services or defend the use of violence.

Users will access the website contents entirely at their own risk; the BNE shall not be held liable for any consequence, direct or indirect, deriving from access to the website, be it of a physical, mental, moral or personal nature. Users making incorrect use of its website may be held liable by the BNE for damages caused to third parties and for any viruses or computer programmes they might introduce, generate or host on the website that damage, or could damage, the contents or correct operation of said website, together with the equipment, systems and programmes of other users.

The BNE may take action against users regarding complaints, compensation, fines or administrative sanctions imposed on the BNE and which are directly or indirectly the responsibility of one or several of its users   who introduce some  content on its website or use a service without due diligence.

Any user who is aware of any activity that is damaging or may damage the operation of the BNE website, or modify or alter its contents, must notify the BNE.

The BNE reserves the right to use “cookies”, in any of its website operations. Nevertheless, USERS are informed that cookies can be blocked from their computer terminal.

Both the USER and the BNE undertake to use the services in compliance with the Unsolicited Advertisement Policy, and specifically undertake not to:

  • Send unsolicited electronic chain messages.
  • In the event of the BNE sending advertising to USERS, it will be sent with the word “publicity” to avoid any misunderstanding.

USERS affected by the reception of unsolicited messages addressed to a number of people may report this to the BNE by sending an e-mail to

5. Minors

Minors should request and obtain permission from their parents, tutor or legal guardian before being able to access the services or contents included on the website. Access and use of the portal by unauthorised minors is forbidden.

The BNE informs you that there are computer programmes which filter and block access to certain contents and services, therefore parents, for example, can decide which of the website's contents and services their children may have access to and which not.

6. Privacy policy

Users accessing the BNE website who wish to obtain information about the BNE website privacy policy may read the Privacy Policy that the BNE has published for this purpose on this website.

7. Jurisdiction

The conditions herein are subject to current Spanish legislation. By accepting these conditions, the parties agree to submit any kind of dispute resulting from the use of the services offered or the contents pertaining to the website to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain)