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A stroll through the BNE electronic headquarters

Is this your first time at the electronic headquarters?

Learn in detail how the BNE electronic headquarters is organised. The headquarters is divided into four main areas.

Basic information

Basic information about the BNE electronic headquarters

This areas sets out the basic information about the Biblioteca Nacional de España's electronic administration system.
Basic information such as: What is the headquarters?, How to submit a form, What is an electronic register?, etc. is essential for being able to understand and use all the services that the BNE offers the public through its electronic headquarters.


Procedures and services

Procedures and services from the electronic headquarters

This area sets out the procedures and services available to the public through the electronic headquarters. The procedures and services are: 

  • ISSN application: The ISSN is an internationally recognised code for identifying serial publications. Any entity involved in the publication, production, marketing, distribution, processing, dissemination and use of serial publications can apply for an ISSN.
  • Donations: This enables any individual or company to contribute to enriching the assets deposited in the BNE.
  • Online library card application service This speeds up the procedures necessary for obtaining a Library card and improves online services.
  • Document copying: This facilitates access to and dissemination of the information and contents of the heritage assets in the care of the BNE.
  • Interlibrary loan: This gives access to documents from other Spanish and foreign libraries.
  • Advance request for documents: This enables users to book asset services in advance, thus ensuring access to the documents they need to consult on a particular day.
  • Purchase suggestion: This enables users to suggest acquisition of books and other bibliographic materials, other than school and text books, which may be missing from the BNE collection, in order to complete it.
  • Directory of Spanish Libraries and Periodical Libraries: This allows both libraries and periodical libraries to register on the directory and update their details.

Electronic register

Electronic register

The Electronic Register of the Biblioteca Nacional de España accepts standardised applications, documents and communications submitted by individuals or companies for to services, formalities and procedures such as: Application for donations, ISSN application, Complaints and suggestions and Other applications, documents or communications.

Legislation and security

Legislation, security and certification

Legislation and security is divided into the following three points:

  • Legislation: This covers the legislation applicable to the BNE headquarters: Personal data, e-administration laws, resolutions on the BNE headquarters and BNE register...
  • Security: This defines the basic concepts of information security upon which the headquarters is based and a more detailed description of https and the SSL protocol.
  • Certification: This explains what an electronic signature entails; which electronic signature systems or electronic certificates the headquarters accepts; how to obtain a certificate, how to use an electronic Spanish National ID Card (eDNI)…